Work History

Freelance Editor, Vancouver 2000–present

  • Copyedit and proofread book-length manuscripts for Hong Kong University Press on subjects ranging from sexuality to SARS, conforming to house style and ensuring consistency and clarity
  • Bring to publication standards journal articles and conference papers for professors at three Hong Kong-based universities
  • Copyedit and proofread theses for university students in Hong Kong and Vancouver, following APA and other styles

Editor, Open University of Hong Kong 1998–2000

  • Copyedited and proofread new and revised course materials, OUHK documents and publications, and OUHK Press publications, meeting tight deadlines
  • Obtained copyright clearance for quoted material in courses
  • Collaborated with publishing manager, Chinese editors, and graphic designers on bilingual publications
  • Edited the curriculum vitae of OUHK professors for an application to the University Grants Council, bringing them in line with a very particular format under a tight deadline
  • Managed revisions of the style guide, collaborating with the head Chinese editor

Freelance Lexicographer, Bloomsbury Publishing, UK 1997–98

  • Decided on synonyms for headwords to include in Microsoft® Encarta College Thesaurus; member of a team

Lexicographer, Addison Wesley Longman, UK 1995–97

  • Selected headwords for inclusion in Longman Dictionary of American English and Longman Idioms Dictionary; member of a team
  • Checked body of standard usage for meanings and frequency of usage of words
  • Composed entries (headword, part of speech, meanings, and examples), meeting deadlines and conforming to typeface constraints

Materials Development and Administration

  • Developed and piloted the reading component and comprehension questions for the Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Toronto
  • Developed curriculum and timetable, devised and administered assessments, hired and supervised instructors, made reports to the School of Business Administration, and developed a questionnaire for program evaluation for a CIDA-sponsored program, University of Western Ontario
  • Prepared and administered the placement examination and devised an assessment scale for students, Canada-China Language Centre, Beijing
  • Wrote listening, reading, and video materials, teachers’ notes, and examinations for English for Communicative Purposes, a set of textbooks for Chinese learners of English, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages; part of a team
  • Hired teachers, wrote and administered placement and final examinations, placed students in the ESL program, as Assistant Director of Studies, Concordia University, Montreal
  • Wrote and helped pilot reading materials for Reading English for Academic Study (Newbury House, 1980), Concordia University; member of a team


  • Trained French-Canadian teachers of ESL and students in the Bachelor of Education in TESL program, Concordia University, Montreal
  • Supervised student teachers, observing them teach and providing timely feedback, University of Toronto
  • Coordinated English Communication Skills for Business and Management, City University of Hong Kong, selecting the textbook and writing the final exam; and taught specialized English courses to students in building studies and social work
  • Taught writing, technical writing, and organization skills to ESL students in the School of Engineering, University of Toronto, helping them to develop grammatical sophistication and awareness of stylistic appropriateness
  • Taught English composition and ESL writing, listening, reading, speaking, Ryerson Polytechnic University, University of Western Ontario, and University of Toronto
  • Developed and taught a course for adults interested in teaching a second language, University of Western Ontario. Topics included curriculum and syllabus design, testing and evaluation, lesson planning, and current research.
  • Prepared Chinese students on a CIDA-sponsored project for attendance at the School of Business, University of Western Ontario
  • Prepared Chinese students and scholars for study in Canada, Canada-China Language Centre, Beijing, PRC
  • Taught composition and reading through Dawson College, Montreal, to inmates at Archambault Institute, Ste-Anne des Plaines, Quebec
  • Taught ESL to secondary school students, Amos, Quebec

Works Edited Include:

  • Summoning the Whirlwind: Unconventional Sermons for a Relevant Christian Faith
  • Situating Sexualities: Queer Representation in Taiwanese Fiction, Film, and Public Culture
  • Developing Learning Environments: Creativity, Motivation, and Collaboration in Higher Education
  • World Weavers: Globalization, Science Fiction, and the Cybernetic Revolution
  • Information Technology and Innovation in Language Education
  • Death, Dying and Bereavement: The Hong Kong Chinese Experience
  • Plague, SARS, and the Story of Hong Kong Medicine
  • For Each and Everyone: Catering for Differences through Individual Learning Studies
  • Learning for All: The First Ten Years of The Open University of Hong Kong

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